2014 will be very exiting with a new line of pattern O-Retro, vintage patterns from the 50's and 60's

The first Blouse from 1954 should be available mid January!!

Stay tune!


The Emily skirt is very easy to make, fit into a rectangle 60" wide and 22" long (or longer if you want a longer skirt) 
The best fabric for this skirt is canevas, twill or jeans, but you can try it in other fabric.
Big metallic zipper in the center back.
I love this skirt, it is easy to sew and to wear!!
In Honnor of September  National Sewing Month, I am offering 20% refund for the purchase of 3 or more patterns and 15% refund for 2 patterns. Since this offer is starting only now, Sept 14, I will extend this offer until October 15th!!
Happy sewing

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The Abby Jacket is now on my website and available on pdf file!!
Another Zero-waste garment!
This is very exiting, I love this jacket, it is very versatile and comfy.
I am working next on the Dorianne pleated dress, and ...bags, handbags..
Stay in touch, I will have some very exiting new soon!!!

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